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Dernière révision : 16/11/2022


The funds collected by the Association are considered as Donations and are in no way considered as profits from a raffle or a lottery.



Gift distribution process


Each donor in the current period, beginning January 1, 2022, is automatically considered a Donor. After the end of the donation collection, scheduled tentatively or permanently on November 30, 2022, the Association would like to graciously thank its Donors of the period by randomly selecting 13 Donors who will leave with a gift offered by the Association's partners.

The selected Donors will be contacted by email to obtain their contact information in order to arrange for the transfer of the gift. In the event that a selected Donor does not respond within a reasonable period of time (48 hours), the organizer reserves the right to give the gift to another Donor who meets the Participation Conditions.


The organizer is responsible for arranging the transfer of the gifts with the Association's partners providing the gifts. The gifts will be forwarded to the selected Donors by mail or digitally within a reasonable period of time, which may vary depending on the conditions of the partners providing the gifts. The condition of the gift is guaranteed to be in good condition by the Association prior to shipment, but the condition of the lot upon receipt is not guaranteed by the Association.


Use of the gifts

The gifts cannot be sold or exchanged. The Association does not guarantee the gifts. The Association recommends to contact the partners providing the gift directly in case of questions.



Cancellation, interruption and postponement

The Association reserves the right to interrupt or postpone the donation collection period if deemed necessary. This will result in a new selection date for the 13 Donors. This date will be specified on the donation collection page.


Purpose of the donation drive


The profits of the collection of donations are intended to finance in a direct or indirect way sports projects in favour of the environment according to the statutes of the association Objectif Environnement. For more information, the Donors are invited to consult the home page of the site Objectif Environnement. The Association considers as profits the total amount of donations minus the transaction costs, the hosting costs, the promotion costs, the management costs, the postal costs and any other costs involved in the implementation of this collection of donations.

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